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Maternity Wrap Skirt Pattern

This wrap skirt pattern is ideal for maternity (and all the time) wear! It grows with you as you grow so it will always be comfy and the look is entirely up to you, depending on what fabrics you use.

I wore wrap skirts all throughout my summer pregnancy and can wear the same ones immediately afterwards (in that "nothing fits, but don't want to wear maternity anymore" stage) and when not pregnant too. Now this is thrifty, frugal sewing!

The length and size width is completely adjustable in this pattern, so it can be adapted to fit anyone. The pattern "as is" will fit a person that wears small pre-pregnancy. If you wear a larger pre-pregnancy size, use the instructions below to add a few extra inches to the middle panel. Easy as pie!

Deviled Egg Costume Instructions:

Step One - Horns

baby tutu sewing pattern

Wrap the aluminum foil around the headband and sculpt horn shapes. Keep on adding foil sheets and squeezing until you have the desired shape. Wrap all the tinfoil in masking tape, leaving no foil exposed. Finally, lay down a sheet of wax paper or other protective surface and paint the masking tape using non-toxic acrylic paint.

Step Two - Egg

egg costume

Using felt, cut out your white and yellow pieces and stitch them together. I used two white pieces and stuffed it a tiny bit to create more of a 3D egg shape. You can then sew this onto a shirt or just pin it on.

Step Three

egg costume

Have fun!

TIP: Keep the temperament of your child in mind when picking out costumes to make like this one. Many toddlers will not for a second allow a headband to be on their head so you'll have wasted time and effort. Test it out first with a plain headband and see how it goes!

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egg costume

Wrap Skirt Materials:

  • 2 yards fabric
  • accent fabric
  • sewing machine


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