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Crochet Penguin

by Emily Reinhart

Crochet Penguin

Crochet Penguin

Here are crochet instructions for making a toy penguin!

Materials: 4-ply yarn and a hook. I use a G hook, but gauge is unimportant.

Note: I spiral, I don’t attach. Be sure to count at the ends of your rows!

Abbreviations used:

Ch: Chain

Hdc: half double chain

Dec hdc: decrease half double chain


1. Ch 2, hdc 4 times in 2nd ch from hook-4 sts.
2. (2 hdc) in each space around-8 sts.
3. (1 hdc, 2 hdc) around-12 sts.
4. If desired, continue increasing.
5. Hdc around until desired length-(12) sts.
6. Stuff.
7. Dec hdc around until down to 1 st.
8. Fasten off.

Wings (make 2 of the same color)/Beak (make one of a different one):

1. Ch 5, hdc in each st across, turn-5 sts.
2. Skipping first and last st, hdc across-3 sts.
3. Skipping first and last st, hdc across-1 st.
4. Fasten off and sew to body.
5. Sew on face.

Make it a penguin: Make a black base, then repeat steps 1-3 in white. Sew on front before beak and face.

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