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Crib Sheet Pattern

This crib sheet pattern is amazingly simple and once you see theses photos you'll realize "I can do that!" even with the elastic fitted corners.

Baby crib mattresses are fortunately pretty standard and the elastic is giving enough to adapt to slightly different thicknesses.

Don't forget to pre-wash your fabric to allow for shrinkage because crib sheets are something you'll wash often!

This pattern was shared with us by fellow crafty mama, Regina Arlauckas from Queen Bee's Buzz, who wrote:

"I made my own using the following directions - and was able to get flannel sheets to match my nursery decor for much less than the cost of manufactured ones."

Crib Sheet Pattern Sewing Instructions:

Step One - Remove Corners

crib sheet pattern

Remove a 9" square from each corner of your 70" x 45" rectangle of fabric. Sew the corners (right sides together) as shown. I sew twice here, as these are the pressure points that need to withstand wear and tear when you take the sheets on and off the mattress.

Step Two - Finish Edges

crib sheet patterns

Look, it looks like a crib sheet already! Now, fold up your edge and sew all the way around the crib sheet with a zig zag stitch or serger. This doesn't have to be perfect, this part of the sheet will be tucked under the mattress never to be seen.

Step Three - Elastic

crib sheet sewing

Now find the center of your elastic and sew it to the center of your corner seam. Then, sewing from the center seam, stretch out your elastic while you are sewing. Be sure to use a zig zag so there is some stretch in your thread.

cribsheet pattern

All Done

handmade crib sheets

All finished! Now put them on the crib mattress and try to get your baby to sleep in his/her crib. (Good luck with advice there!)

Use Up Those Square Pieces

fish toy from crib sheet

After you use this crib sheet pattern, you are left with four 9" squares of fabric. Why not make a couple of simple shapes to sew together as little clutch toys or teethers that match your bedding! Simply draw on a simple shape (fish, bird, heart, star, moon, flower) put them right sides together and sew, leaving a small opening. Turn right side out and stuff then sew closed opening. Add embroidered details if you like, but please keep it baby safe, no buttons or beads.

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Crib Sheet Materials:

  • 70" x 45" cotton (woven or flannel)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • 4 ft of Elastic, cut into 4 equal strips


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