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Every so often we interview a crafty mama and feature her on our website! We are constantly amazed by the amount of talent, success and determination shown by creative mothers and want to showcase just a small sample of this amazing community.

Are you a crafty mama who makes baby, mama or pregnancy related items? You could be featured here! Submission form can be found here.

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michelle babus

wool chain toy

January 2011

Michelle, Babus Toys
"I just can't conceive of starting a business, especially one devoted to the new residents of the planet, without thinking of the long term."

cherly sew can do

sew can do dress

December 2010

Cheryl, Sew Can Do & The Green Hedgehog
"I wouldn't be as creative in my ideas if I didn't have my kids' & my husband's perspectives or their encouragement. I've gotten some of my best ideas just from moments in our day-to-day life."


snow white costume

September 2009

Jodi, Tinkerella Creations
"I am inspired by seeing the light in a child's eye when they put on the gown of their favorite princess and start to believe that they can be Cinderella...or a ballerina...or whatever their deepest dream is to be."


yellow star

August 2009

Ann, Harvest Moon by Hand
"Since I read to my daughters at least a couple of hours a day, their play reflects what they've heard either that day or in the past. Having simple, open-ended toys gives them so many possibilities. They are only limited by their imagination."


mommysbusy puppet

July 2009

Heidi, MommysBusy
"I love drawing up the patterns for my things, I go through so many pieces of paper to get just the right one that I am happy with. I can end up with a lot of crumbled up paper all around me before I am done."


lyneya doll 3

June 2009

Shannon, Lyneya's Toys & Amazima Dolls Project
"I'm a I'm always trying new things. But no matter what the type of project I still get a kick out of the fact that a pile of raw materials turns into SOMETHING. Fabric and wool can turn into a doll."

crafty mama v and co

holly hair clip

May 2009

Vanessa Christenson, V and Co.
" name any country magazine, or any catalog out there (it can even be the Sears one!) and my mind starts working, on how I can make that, and what if I changed this? Blogs are another great source. Really anything can be inspirational."

crafty mama emiko


April 2009

Emiko, Emiko
"But, knowing that there are little ones and moms out there using my things is such a wonderful feeling. So, I think I am reaching my goal every time I sell my items or even just someone visits my shop."

crafty mama little turtle


February 2009

Theresa Belville, Little Turtle Knits
"I love seeing others get excited about my patterns, and I definitely get a thrill seeing all the projects made from my work. It's my (not so) secret mission turn the whole world into knitters. Imagine what a revolution that would be. Can you picture our leaders sitting around at world summits, all knitting?"

crafty mama jonah lisa

toby show bean bags

January 2009

Jonah Lisa Dyer, The Toby Show
"That's the interesting thing about blogs, it can all seem so unscripted and like that person is constantly doing and making and thinking. Like good stand up comedy, it can feel very "in the moment." The truth is often quite different. Or at least it is for me."

crafty mama ispy

greathouse craftymama

December 2008

Jamie, Those Greathouse Women
"I try my best to make things that not every housewife with a fancy sewing machine can make - like my cupcake, robot, shark, flying saucer, and rocket ship shaped bags. In a perfect world, I would design new bags all the time, and leave the sewing to someone else."

crafty mama knitting

plumknit craftymama

November 2008

Cynthia, Plumknit
"I started selling off some of my yarn stash to fund my cashmere habit. Most of the items I was knitting I couldn't use myself. I would knit the item because I liked the pattern or the pattern intrigued me. With the yarn piling up and random projects I couldn't use piling up the only thing that made sense was to sell the things."

crafty mama slippers

piddies baby slippers

October 2008

Dana Robison, Piddies
"I really couldn't have predicted it, but I made the first pair of Piddies for Ella and realized soon after that there just might be a market for them. My love for making and building things has always fueled my seemingly inborn entrepreneurial spirit."

crafty mama hats

finny baby hats

September 2008

Carrie McG, Finny's Funny Fleece
"I had a baby, became a stay at home mom, and being one of those crafty type people, I couldn't waste all that time that a new baby sleeps doing nothing. I skipped from project to project until the next winter when that little baby with an enormous head needed some hats to keep him warm."

crafty mama soap

handmade pregnant soap

August 2008

Marcie Macari, Bloomin' Belly Soaps
"While working with pregnant clients I heard nearly every day how much they didn't like their changing bodies. They were unhappy with their roundness and their new "cleavage", and I thought this was really sad."

crafty mama diapers

handmade luxe diapers

July 2008

Jesse Ruth Tymich, Luxe Baby Diapers
"My future plans are to keep the business as small as possible. I am passionate about small business, work at home mothering, support local business, recycle, re-use and hug trees!"

crafty mama soap

brownington forest

June 2008

JB Louie, Brownington Forest
"I had long wanted to be in business for myself and had tried several times over the years, but this time it just seemed like an ideal time to try it again and really stick with it. I feel like I am still learning and looking for my place to fit, but I am determined to stick with it."

happy tomato crafting

happy tomato

May 2008

Stacia Wells Linz, Happy Tomato
"A female CEO once told me: owning a business is the hardest thing you will ever do, next to being a mother--and it's a lot like being a mother. Suddenly, you have to learn a whole new skill set, insanely fast."

mtc mama

mtc green

April 2008

Holly Lowe, MTC
"I'm only sewing when the kids are sleeping or on the weekends when my husband is home and we are having a quiet day. I don't ever want to be so busy that I have to tell my daughter I can't sit down and read her a book because I have mei tais to sew."

dishy duds

dishy duds

March 2008

Jennifer McMullen, Dishy Duds
"Every mom is the ultimate multi-tasker, regardless of whether or not they own a business. I suppose the business just adds another layer of chaos and my best coping strategy has been to try and remain cool in the craziness. If you love what you do, the juggling seems worth it, even if you drop a few balls now and again. "

Finally, a few thoughts about "buying handmade" as a crafty mama myself...

I'll be the first to admit that I can't make everything (as much as I try to!) and this is where supporting fellow handmade artists comes in...especially fellow crafty mamas.

Do you go to a craft fair and see a great handmade item and think "Cool! I could figure out how to make this!" and then go home...and months go by...and you never actually make it? Or worse, you have great intentions to figure out how to make it and buy all the supplies and try so hard to figure it out and fix all the kinks along the way and wind up buying more supplies and spending more time and money...and your end result isn't even nearly as good as the original one you saw? Stop doing this!

There is nothing wrong with buying something that you could make. Why? Because your time is precious. Sure, you could make a potholder but will you? The amount of time you'll spend on getting it just right could be spent sewing a dress or going to the park instead. Pick your DIY projects wisely...and the ones you aren't passionate from handmade artists and from a fellow crafty mama!


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