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Cookie Costume

Make an adorable cookie costume for babies or toddlers using these simple instructions!

Why did I make my son this cookie costume for Halloween when he was two? Because when asked, "What do you want to be for Halloween?" he always replied with, "Big cookie!" So of course, I set out to make one that would also have some function after Halloween. And I succeeded!

With this simple design, you can use the two stuffed parts as cushions on chairs or pillows in your child's room afterwards! (see below) While this one is a chocolate chip cookie or a "chip cookie" as my son calls it, you can do any cookie flavor you like.

Variation Tip: Use cream colored felt and pink felt on top for a sugar cookie with frosting, or make toast, a slice of pizza, a bagel or a donut!

Cookie Costume Instructions:

Step One

cookie costume pattern

Cut out four circles in tan felt. I traced a five gallon bucket for mine - you could also use a wastebasket or just freehand the circles since real cookies aren't perfectly round anyway. I also cut out ten smaller chips, making sure to cut them irregularly so they'd look realistic.

Set the chips aside and sew two pairs together, leaving a space to turn right side out and stuff. Turn right side out, stuff and then sew up the hole.

To save time, you can sew on the chips before sewing the sides together, but then you won't get the 3D puckered look you'll get from sewing them on after.

Step Two

toddler cookie costume

Hand sew the dark brown chocolate chips on your cookie costume, pulling the thread all the way through to the other side, to create a puckered, 3D look to your cookies.

Finally, add ties to your cookies. I simply cut strips of the tan felt, pierced the cookie and then threaded it through. The ties should be as shown, to fit over the shoulders and then under the arms.


cookie costume

All done! Simply tie one set of ties above the shoulders (like a tank top) and the other set below the armpits. Now your little one is all decked out in cookie goodness!

Afterwards...Cookie Cushions!

cookie cushions

Now when you are finished, you can tie the two halves onto chairs, just like regular seat cushions! This is adorable in a kid's room.

Alternatively, you can take off the ties and sew up the holes and just use them as throw cushions in a kids room or nursery. What child wouldn't love to lounge on a giant cookie? Plus, I can almost guarantee it will be incorporated it into some "big cookie eating" play scenario eventually too.

Wishing you and your little cookie a fun and safe Halloween!

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