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Free Cloth Diaper Patterns, Wipes & Accessories

Here are free cloth diaper patterns, wipes and other tutorials for diaper related accessories. Many uses for these projects, whether you plan to use cloth or disposable!

Making a diaper seems daunting to a beginner sewer, but it really isn't! Especially if you have a pattern and clear instructions. Yes, fit is very important, very! After all, even a handmade diaper needs to contain the messiest of "poop explosions" as we call them in our house. You can do it! I did. Yes, I sew a lot of things for my kids but I do not consider myself a "sewer" and I don't think I'm very good at it. I sew quick, I sew dirty and I get the job done. This works for diapers.

Sewing cloth wipes couldn't be easier! If you are just getting started with sewing, this is the perfect project to get yourself started.

The best part? You will absolutely save a bundle by using these cloth diaper patterns and sewing your own.

diaper cover pattern
Wool Diaper Cover "Longies" Pattern
Sew a cozy and absorbent pair of wool longies (aka - wool diaper covers) from a thrift store wool sweater! Wool is natural, eco-friendly and highly absorbent and self-cleaning. Wool diaper covers are really expensive...but not if you make your own!

diaper wipes pattern
Cloth Diaper Wipes Instructions
Here is a project that really is a must read if you plan to cloth diaper. Sewing your own cloth diaper wipes are a cinch, no need to buy these! You probably even have all the materials on hand right now...for free. Instructions for making sturdy and thick wipes made of soft cotton and flannel.

diaper wetbag
Wet Bag Pattern for Cloth Diapers
A wet bag is on my "must have" list for parents who ever want to leave the house, whether they plan to cloth diaper or not. Other than soiled diapers, they are also handy for soiled clothes (can you say "poop explosion") and wet swimsuits. I also love them for dirty bibs after eating out at a restaurant.

handmade paper towel wipes
Diaper Wipes Solution Recipes
Recipes to make your own wipe solution for cloth wipes or disposable wipes. You can save money by making your own solution and know exactly what ingredients are being used. No need to buy commercial wipes ever again! A handy spray bottle is great for homemade solution for changes on the go.

diaper cake tutorial
Diaper Cake Instructions
You asked for here it is! Diaper cake making instructions for your next baby shower. Use cloth or disposable (ask the shower recipient which they plan to use and brand preference) and create a "diaper cake" that is both decorative and functional.

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