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Free Child Apron Pattern - Adjustable "Half Pint Helper"

free apron pattern children

This free child apron pattern is wonderful because it is super duper easy and a quick sew. It is two layers of fabric thick, so it actually does protect clothing and it is reversible. The best part though is that it is easily adjustable for a variety of sizes. My two year old and my five year old can both wear this!

I call it "The Half Pint Helper" because I'm inspired by the mason jar fabric (designed by Samantha Cotterill) that I used on the pocket of the one pictured here. Not to mention the common nickname for wee ones. Enjoy!

Do you want to sell these aprons? I offer affordable Limited Production Licenses so you can make and sell them in your own shops or at craft fairs!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 yard cotton fabric
  • 1/4 yard pattern fabric for pocket
  • 2.5" x 60" strip of pattern fabric for apron tie
  • sewing machine, pins, iron, thread, large safety pin

Here is the Half Pint Helper Apron - free child apron pattern in PDF format for you to print out.

It will print on 4 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. Make sure you are printing without margins. The instructions are not included in the PDF, they are written out on this page below.

"Half Pint Helper Apron" - Free Child Apron Pattern Instructions:

apron toddler pattern kid apron pattern

Okay, above you see the size of the apron on my "totally not going to be a model for mama today" 18 month old...I had to just lay it on him, he would not participate in any way shape or form today. Unlike his big bro in the second photo, who is usually still willing to model the handmades. He is four and a half. This pattern spans a wide range of sizes so it will last through many years of cooking helpers!

First, print out the pattern pdf from the link above and tape the four sheets together. It will look like the image below on the left. Then cut out your two main pieces along the fold of your fabric. In my example, I used the same orange fabric for both front and back.

free apron pattern apron pattern pieces

Also cut out the (optional) front pocket and a long strip of fabric that will become your apron tie, measuring 2.5" wide by 60" long.

Rather than a pocket, feel free to embellish the front of your apron any way you like! Applique with fabric, use freezer paper stencils or whatever you like! Add any details before sewing the apron together.

apron pocket sewing apron pocket pin

To sew on the pocket, first iron the edges under and then attach on the front with pins. I placed the top edge of my pocket 4.5 inches from the top.

Place your apron front and back right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving the ends of the tabs unsewn, as shown below.

adjustable apron pattern kids apron pattern

Then turn right side out and press with an iron.

Next, you'll use your iron again and fold your tabs so they line up with the body of the apron. Then fold the very ends of them under, pin and sew along the edge, leaving a tube that the apron ties will thread through.

toddler apron pattern sew apron edge

Finally, take your long 60" strip of fabric for the tie and fold the edges down 1/8" and then fold in half and sew.

apron tie sewing apron tie pattern sewing

To thread the tie through the apron easier, use a large safety pin on the end and feed it through. I usually tie knots in the ends of the tie so it doesn't pull back out when in use.

safety pin thread free apron childs

Have fun and I hope you enjoy using this free child apron pattern! Happy cooking with your little helpers too!

handmade kids apron

PS - I'm now offering Limited Production Licenses so you can make and sell these in your own shops or at craft fairs!

DISCLAIMER: This item includes a long tie of fabric that could potentially be a strangulation hazard. This is not a toy and children should always be supervised while wearing it. Sew and use this item at your own risk.

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