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Cheap Baby Nursery Wall Art

cheap nursery decorThis cheap baby nursery project is so much fun you'll be wanting to use it in other areas of your home! If you'd love to have a large mural on your nursery wall but can't afford to have it done or don't have the time or skills involved with painting one yourself then why not print one out?

This is a great project for renters who don't want to invest time and money into a mural but still want a very large wall space covered. You can also pick an image based on whatever theme you like! You could use a photograph, art or an illustration from a children's book. In my example, I used a children's book illustration by Mary Blair, image courtesy of Magic Jelly.

Step One: - Pick your image! This is the hardest part. You'll also need to get it into your computer via scanning if it isn't something you found online or have digitally. Next, go to Block Posters and upload your image. You can select how large you'd like your final image to be. It is free and you can now download your pdf file to print out!

printable nursery decor

Step Two: - Print it out and arrange on the floor to see the final size and to make sure you know which piece goes where. You can choose to cut off the white border or leave it on like I did for a mosaic look.

cheap nursery baby

do it yourself nursery

Step Three: - Put it up on the wall! I recommend spray adhesive for a clean look but you can also use tape. You can get fancy and use a level to make sure you get is just right or you can just wing it with a helper..."is this straight?"

mary blair nursery art

Step Four: - Step back and pat yourself on the back for a super cheap baby nursery project well done. The best part is that if you move or your child's interest change you can pull it down, recycle the paper and make a different one.

Go to the DIY Nursery Decorating Ideas Section for more project ideas!

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