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Free Cardboard Playhouse Plans & Instructions

Use these cardboard playhouse plans for a quick, eco-friendly and thrifty way to make your child their very own mini home!

cardboard playhouseIt is easiest to start with a large cardboard box such as a refrigerator or other large appliance. I called my local appliance store and had them save me a box. I told them I was making a cardboard playhouse and they were more than happy to set one aside. If you can't find one large enough you can certainly construct one out of smaller boxes, it will just take more time to piece it together.

Cardboard Playhouse Plans
Materials: Huge cardboard box or boxes, duct tape, glue, boxcutter, x-acto knife, paint (non-toxic acrylics, latex)

1) Start with the base. If you don't already have a base from a very large box you can construct on out of large pieces of cardboard. You want 4 panels of equal size (or 2 & 2 depending on what you want your house to look like), any size you want. It's good to leave a little lip to fold around the corner edge to add support, like the image below. If you use the lip method, glue it down and then when it dries, duct tape over top of it for more support. This will create a playhouse that will last.

cardboard playhouse corners

Alternatively, you can lay the panels flush, side by side and duct tape them, make sure to leave a little space between the edges so you can fold them. Once you get to the last panel, stand it up as it will be easier to get the duct tape on.

cardboard playhouse seams tape

2) Now you'll construct the roof. The pitch of your roof is determined by how much cardboard you have. Score the center of your roof piece or cut it in two and then duct tape it back together so it folds.

cardboard playhouse instructions

3) Rest the roof on top of your house. Lay the whole thing down on its side on a piece of cardboard and trace the triangle shape. You'll need to cut two.

cardboard playhouse tutorial

4) This part is a bit tricky, but you need to tape the seams on both sides with duct tape. The easiest way to do this is to lay the cardboard flat and tape the two dies triangles on as shown in the image below. This will make the for secure attachment.

playhouse plans

5) Now that the roof is complete, but your base on its side and start attaching the roof! Start with the inside and then you can stand the house upright and tape the outside. Make sure all seams around the house are covered on both sides with duct tape.

6) Cut your desired door, windows and skylights! Finally, for the fun part...paint! Consider painting it to match your own house or let your child pick a color. Too much paint at once tends to warp the cardboard, so it is best to paint one side at a time and let dry in between if you plan to paint the interior as well. You could also wallpaper the inside if you wanted to get really fancy! Add some blankets and pillows to make it comfy and let your baby explore their new playhouse!

This house is much cooler looking than an expensive plastic playhouse and it was made out of mostly free stuff!

playhouse in room

playhouse plan

These cardboard playhouse plans were contributed by Taryn, a fellow crafty mama who has I swear the best eye for thrifty design of anyone I know. Check out her amazing quilts and alphabet pillows on Etsy. Thanks for sharing,Taryn!

If you have a baby related tutorial you'd like to share, please contact us! We'd love to hear about it!

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