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Stuffed Bunny Pattern

stuffed bunny
This stuffed bunny pattern is a great way to transform old tee shirts or felted wool sweaters into a cuddly toy!

This is a super simple project and easy to sew up fast. You can customize your bunny by using different colors of shirts for the legs, ears and arms or use stripes. Have fun!

Free Bunny Pattern PDF for you to print out and use. Like all patterns on this website, it is for your personal use only, not to make items for sale.

Stuffed Bunny Pattern Instructions:

Step One: Trace

bunny pattern paper

Trace your pattern pieces (you can fold them at the fold lines as long as you are tracing directly onto a fold as shown) and then cut out!

bunny pattern pieces

Step Two: Turn & Sew

bunny ears legs

Turn all your legs, arms, tail and ears inside out and sew the edges. Turn them right side out and stuff.

Step Three: Add Tail

bunny tail hole

If you are doing a tail, cut a small slit in one side of the body, insert tail and sew on securely from the other side.

bunny pattern tail

Step Four: Bunny Sandwich

bunny legs pin

Now you'll be attaching the legs, arms and ears. Position them towards the inside of the right side of your fabric as shown above and pin and then sew.

Next, pin the other side of the body on top and sew all the way around the bunny sandwich, leaving a hole at the bottom between the legs to turn it right side out.

bunny pin

Step Five: Turn, Stuff, Close

bunny pattern flat

Finally, turn your bunny right side out and stuff!

Handstitch the hole at the bottom and add eyes, mouth, etc. Choking Hazard Warning: Please do NOT use buttons for bunnies going to children under age 3, please use felt or hand embroider instead.

bunny pattern hole


bunny ears up

Enjoy! Or should I say...I hope the little one enjoys it!

bunny back

bunny hug

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Materials Checklist:

  • tee shirt
  • needle & thread or sewing machine
  • scissors


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