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Bulky Baby Blanket

by Elizabeth Kurz
(North Platte, Nebraska)

This blanket, while being a plain garter blanket with a double knit border, is eye catching and in the right yarn, downright gorgeous!

The resulting fabric is plush, plump and perfect to lay baby on or cover baby up to be nice and snuggly.

This pattern is just perfect for showcasing those yummy baby hand painted yarns!

I carefully chose Paton's Shetland Chunky in Westwood colorway for this project, as I felt it was classic boy colors, while adding a touch of modernization. The yarn is painted in four colors; cream, tan, brown and blue. I chose the border to be Paton's Shetland Chunky in Taupe. This color choice pulls the brown from the blanket and "grounds" the other three colors, making them really pop in the pattern.

Needles used were Knit Picks Interchangeable Nickel Plated, in a size 10, with a cable length of 32". Cable length here was not a concern as this pattern is knit back and forth, not in the round. I switched the needles to a 9, and the cable to a 60" to pick up and knit the border surrounding the blanket.

I loved the idea of this blanket, while being mostly garter stitch, with stockinette for the border, it knits up quickly, provides a way to show off all those lovely hand paints we find these days, and the garter stitch pattern provides some plushness and fullness to the blanket.

I chose this pattern with the yarn in mind, and the idea that I wanted something quite snuggly for my new one.

This blanket was a gem to knit. I enjoyed every minute of it, never once having to rip back any stitches, or fix any mistakes. The pattern itself was well thought out, and well written, providing quite detailed instructions. Using a three needle bind off for attaching the double knit edge once you've knit it, is the hardest element to follow.

I started this blanket on December 18th, 2010 and had it finished by December 26th, 2010. I do believe had Christmas not fallen in that time frame, I could have had it done in as little as three nights, just knitting for an hour or two after my children went to bed. The pattern knits up quite quickly.

I love knitting for my children. I've thus far, made them each a blanket, that even the oldest, at 6 years of age, still uses to this day. They are cherished, loved, dragged around in the mud, taken to almost every outing, and that to me, is what knitting is about. Making something that someone will adore.

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