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How to Make a Bean Bag Toss Game

In my opinion, a bean bag toss game would be the hands down winner of the "easiest toy to make and kids will love it" contest, if there was such a thing. If you are short on time or money, make this. If you think you can't sew, make this. If you don't know what to make...make this!

bean bag toss game

Why do I love making these toy sets? Because it appeals to a huge age range - six month olds like to squeeze, gnaw on and shake the bags. A one year old might stack them up and knock them down. Older toddlers and children (and adults!) will enjoy playing traditional toss games. Plus, it is an open ended toy that promotes creativity. They can become tiny beds for small animal figures. Use them like bowling balls to knock a stuffed pile of toys over. Use them to teach counting or make a rainbow set and teach colors. Sometimes the toss box can be a toss box and sometimes it is a monster who eats other toys. Sometimes it is a cave or a parking garage. A homemade bean bag toss game is open ended toy making at its finest!

sew bean bags materials bean toss box beans

Supplies: Fabric scraps (sturdy cotton is better but quilting weight cotton is okay), something square to trace (between 4" and 6" square), cardboard box, paint, dried beans (use whatever is cheapest at market, it doesn't matter. Expect to use 8 - 16oz beans per bean bag)

Bean Bag Toss Game - Bean Bags Instructions:

Cut Your Squares

cut squares fabric

Cut out your squares in a variety of fun fabrics. Between 4 inches and 6 inches square is an ideal size for kids. The photos show 6" squares. You can do different fabrics on each side if you like and mix them up.

Sew Right Sides Together

sew right sides together

Sew the right sides together and sew along the edges, leaving at least 2 inches open on just one side. I always double stitch bean bags, for fear of thousands of little beans skittering across the floor, but you could get away with just once if you are braver.

Turn Right Side Out

turn bean bag out

Turn your bean bag right side out, pulling through the hole you left open. Use the eraser end of a pencil or a chopstick to push out the corners if necessary.

Fill With Beans

beans for bean bags

Fill with beans until you get to your desired weight. For 6 inch bean bags, expect to use 8 to 16 ounces per bag, depending on how full you want them. I like to use around 12oz of beans each. Beans are cheap, I spent less than $3 to fill six bean bags. Tip: use a funnel or make one out of a piece of paper to fill these fast.

Sew Up Hole

sew bean bag

Sew up the hole. You can handstitch this so it cannot be seen, but I prefer to just stitch it on the outside with the sewing machiine and go over it several times to make sure it is sturdy. It isn't perfect this way but the kids won't notice and it is faster.

Bean Bags Are Done!

bean bag sizes bean bags size

Above is the size difference between a six inch bean bag and a four inch bean bag.

handmade bean bags

Done! I like to do at least three when gifting these. Six is a nice sized set for two players.

Bean Bag Toss Game - Toss Box Instructions:

Cut Flaps Off

cut toss box toss box

Cut off the top flaps on three sides of your box. Leave one flap on for the ears.

Cut Ears & Mouth

cut ear shapes mouth

Next, create ears in a shape you like. Draw on with pencil first. Kitty ears or rounded bear ears are two options.

Draw on a circle mouth and cut out. Make sure the hole is large enough to throw your bean bags through! When in doubt, cut a hole then test it. I like the diameter of the hole to be quite a bit larger than my bean bag measurement, otherwise it can be too difficult for toddlers.

Paint & Decorate

paint bean bag toss finished bean bag toss

Paint all the surfaces, inside and out. I use interior latex paint because I always happen tp have some on hand in the garage and it is cheap and has great coverage.

After it dries, add eyes and any other details you like. I hot glued some red bias tape to the mouth, but you could paint a mouth, use felt for eyes, googley eyes, etc. Have fun!

bean bag toss kids bean bag toss how to

You can play your homemade bean bag toss game with the mouth towards the thrower or lay the box on its back. For an easier version for kids, just have them throw into the top of the box, or assign different point values.

Have fun!

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