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Baby Yoga Pants Sewing Instructions

You can easily sew stretchy baby yoga pants from an old cotton tee shirt! The beauty of using a tee shirt is that you don't need to finish the bottom ankle area and the stretchy material is very forgiving. Perfect sewing skills are not needed!

baby yoga pants pattern

Start by obtaining a large cotton shirt. If you go to the thrift store, look for the largest size possible unless you are making newborn sizes.

An XL men's shirt should be just enough material for a 12 month old sized pair. Trace your pattern, you can use our free baby pants pattern template and basically follow those same instructions for the construction of the pants, minus the bottom cuffs.

baby pants sewn

If you are stuck with a plain, solid colored pair (I raid my husband's closet and only end up with plain shirts) you might consider embellishing your finished design with a stencil. Here are complete Stencil on Baby Clothes instructions for more info on how I made the green birds design below.

stencil yoga pants

finished yoga pants

Keep in mind that this simple project isn't limited to recycled tee shirts! Use sweatshirts and even sweaters for a sturdy yet comfy pair for winter. Have fun digging through your old shirts or searching at a thrift store for fun prints or stripes!

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