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Baby Photo Ideas - Starting a "Through the Years" Photo Tradition

Use these baby photo ideas to start a special photography tradition with your family. While it is never too late to start a tradition like this, those of you who are expecting a baby or have a wee one, you are at a perfect place and time to start!

The basis of these themed baby photo ideas is that they show how your child changes through the months (during the first year) or through the years if taken annually. Adding a theme such as a prop, an occassion or a place ties the photos together as a series which can later be framed and displayed all together.

baby photo tradition

Same Place Theme:

Our family spends every July in a lakeside cabin. Every year we take a photo of my son and I on the swings there.

While we only have 2 photos in this series right now, just picture it when he'll be on the swing himself and I'll be behind it.

What a cool way to show how he grows through the years! These photos are also a lovely reminder of our summer vacations with our extended family.

baby photo ideas

Same Object Theme:

This crafty mama, of the Etsy shop nutnut, has been taking photos of her son every week since he was born with the same white stuffed bear. These are just a small sample of the amazing collection she has!

I love how huge the bear looks in the first one and how small it looks in the last one. I love the choice of a classic bear and the white color pops out in the photos.

When choosing an object for your theme, be sure it is something you will keep for many years. Perhaps even something you plan to pass on to the child, such as an heirloom furniture piece.

More Baby Photo Ideas:

  • Same Object Themes
    • Stuffed Animal
    • Doll
    • Ball
    • Adult Sized Shirt
    • Adult Sized Belt
    • Grandfather Clock
    • Guitar
    • Heirloom Furniture Piece
    • Chair
  • Same Place Themes
    • Swings
    • Tree
    • Boat
    • Steps
    • Beach
  • Occassion Themes
    • Birthday (this is one everyone pretty much does)
    • Christmas Tree (another classic one)
    • Pumpkin Patch in fall
    • Fourth of July Picnic
    • First Snowfall

How often you take the photos is up to you. Obviously, occassion shots will be annually. Object photos are great to do every month during the first few years (or each week if you are ambitious) and then perhaps a couple times a year after that.

Don't worry if your children are a bit older, just jump right in and start the tradition now!


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Photo Tips:

Good photos are all about lighting, lighting, lighting! Outside shots in natural light are a good fix if your photos seem too dark.

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