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Baby Hipster Hat

by Julia Schilling
(Long Beach, NY)

Cassidy and Eli in their Hipster Hats

Cassidy and Eli in their Hipster Hats

Cassidy and Eli in their Hipster Hats Cassidy and Eli in their Hipster Hats Cassidy and Eli in their Hipster Hats

Elijah is wearing a hand knit hat with brim in two complimentary shades of green. The yarn is a baby alpaca / bamboo blend, which is incredibly soft! In this picture, he is being held by his older (half) sister, who is also wearing a hand knit hat!

The yarn is "Mirasol Qina" in 'sage' and 'jungle' which I purchased on They have a spectacular closeouts page with great deals! Knitted on size 7 needles. I typically purchase yarn that is on sale, especially when it is a specialty yarn like this! It allows me to try a variety of different yarns and fibers while staying within budget (which is hard enough when you can knit!)

I did not use a pattern, but based it on the brimmed hats Ive seen. I started knitting in the round, to a size that would accommodate my sons 15" (but growing) head, i started knitting the brim with a 2k2p rib knit, extended for 4 inches, later I inserted a soft plastic form for the brim into the extended rib section.

I actually purchased the yarn to make Eli a sweater. When I was done with the sweater I realized he would fit into it for only a few weeks more - and it was still hot out! So I took it apart and started on the hat , which went pretty quickly and gave me no problems. I would estimate I was done with it in two weeks - which, with a newborn baby to care for, is pretty quick!

This hat is perfect for the sort of winters we have on Long Island, it doesnt get TOO cold here - not for long anyway, but the winter sun reflecting off the water causes a glare. Babies need something to protect their eyes, and a brim on a hat is the easiest! When I bought the yarn, I was pregnant but elected not to learn the sex of the baby - so green was the best color choice!

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