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Baby Handprint Wall Ornament Instructions

This baby handprint project is easy to do and the results are stunning! No need to purchase a kit when you can do it yourself for much less. Create a beautiful wall hanging of your baby's hand or footprint impression out of clay that you bake in your oven!

This wall ornament would be a lovely piece of nursery decor and also makes a great gift for grandparents or for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

This projects uses an oven bake clay. However, an air dry clay would work too...course if you have access to someone with a kiln, a ceramic handprint project would be amazing!


  • Sculpey (which is a brand of polymer clay, I prefer sculpey but you can use others too)
  • Large circle cookie cutter or cottage cheese lid, bowl, etc to create circle
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Two Eye Screws (or bend loops out of a paperclip)
  • Ribbon for hanging

baby handprint sculpey

Grab a hunk of your polymer clay and knead it in your hands to soften it. Polymer clays soften as they get warmed up. The key to getting a good baby handprint is having soft clay so you don't have to press very hard. Keep working the clay until it is soft and then flatten out. I used a rolling pin, but you could use a drinking glass or any other tube. Cut out your circle. I used a cottage cheese container as my circle cutter.

baby handprint impression

Work quickly so your clay doesn't get cold and still again. Press baby's hand into the polymer clay. You may need to press your hand on top of his to get a good impression.

baby handprint making

Insert your two eyescrews into the clay. You can bend paperclips into loops if you don't want to purchase little eye screws. Alternatively, you can simply use a straw and punch a hole through the polymer clay.

Next, bake in your oven according to the package directions. All polymer clays vary some, but I baked mine at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes. Don't overcook! Check periodically, as polymer clays can burn. Let cool.

baby handprints

Once fully cool, paint with acrylic paint! I like to take a papertowel and dab/rub off some of the paint while the paint is still wet. I dab off just the raised surfaces, leaving the concave impression alone, which makes it darker and higher contrast. This is optional, but creates a cool effect.

baby handprint

Let the paint dry completely and then thread ribbon or string through the eye screws and hang! Enjoy!

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