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Easy Baby Clothes Patterns

With these easy baby clothes patterns you'll be making outfits in no time! Here are projects from head to toe for a beginner to an experienced crafter. Including hat patterns, shoes, onesies, pants and more.

No sewing skills? No problem! Ignore the baby clothes patterns for sewing and learn to embellish, alter and recycle ugly baby clothes into a style that suits you.

Turn thrift store finds and other trash into treasure! Did you get an offensive baby onesie as a gift? Don't throw it out, turn it into something you love!

Baby Clothes Patterns

handmade baby pants
Simple Baby Pants Pattern
So easy you don't need a pattern. I've made baby pants time and time again this way with excellent results. By picking funky fabrics this simple pattern goes a long way. You can even sew it with optional cuffs that extend the wear life...perfect for fast growing babies!

toddler tank top pattern
Baby Tank Top Pattern
An easy sew using stretchy cotton jersey. This pattern has only two pieces! Perfect for hot summer weather. This sewing project is really great for repurposing old XL tee shirts since you need so little fabric too. Depending on how you finish your edges (either with contrast trim or by folding under) this simple pattern works for a wide range of sizes.

toddler sundress pattern
Toddler Sundress Pattern
An adorable and simple tie-back sundress pattern that you can customize how you like. A perfect beginning sewers project. This pattern is for size 2T, but you could easily increase or decrease to your needs. Complete pattern and photo tutorial!

baby yoga pants pattern
Even Simpler Baby Yoga Pants Pattern
Use a cotton tee shirt and turn it into comfy baby pants! Great way to transform interesting thrift store shirts or shirts in the bottom of your dresser drawer that you no longer wear. I personally raid my husband's ever-growing (and mostly unworn) tee-shirt stash.

baby dress patterns
Baby Sundress Pattern
Another easy to sew sundress, this time with ties at the shoulders. Can easily be adapted for any size. Once you make this this basic design you may be hooked! So easy to embellish and add your own sense of style to it.


apron pattern for baby

A Child Apron for Your Half Pint Helper
Sew up a child size apron for your little kitchen helpers! This one spans from 18 months to 5T so it will last through many years of making yummy stuff in the kitchen. My boys love to help me cook and there is one thing I've learned. They always, always get messy and wipe their hands on themselves. Aprons are a must with kids in the kitchen unless I don't mind their clothes getting all full of food. Besides, they feel important when they put those aprons on! They suddenly become serious, helpful little chefs!

baby sun hat pattern
Baby Sun Hat Pattern
Every baby needs a variety of cute sun hats for summer to help keep the sun out of his/her eyes! Learn how to sew up a fast, functional hat in whatever fabrics you like. Even sew a reversible one so it can match with several color combinations!

handmade elf hat

Elf Hat Pattern
Free elf hat pattern to sew a cute little elvish hat for your baby or toddler. Great for cold weather, Halloween, dress-up and of course Christmas too! Use with felt or fleece for a sturdy hat with a point on top that stands up. Free printable pattern PDF.

baby bath towel pattern
Hooded Frog Towel Pattern
Before I had a baby I didn't understand hooded towels. Now I do. Yeah, they are cute, but the reason they are so handy is that they stay on the baby's head to keep them warm! This hooded towel pattern is simple and darn cute. Perfect thing to wrap your little froggie in after splashing at the beach, baths or pool.

baby hair clips pattern
Make Baby Hair Clips
Free, printable templates for making felt baby hair clips. A flower, birthday cake, balloon and a bird! Easy to make and very rewarding! These can quickly be handsewn while baby naps and they make a cute way to keep her newly growing hair out of her eyes.

baby headband pattern
Make Baby Headbands
Hair in baby's eyes but you don't want to cut it? You'll want to check out this easy sewing tutorial that is a brilliant way to use up your fabric scraps! Such fun and so darn easy I bet you'll want to make up a whole batch.

baby jewelry pattern
Keepsake Baby Name Jewelry
An excellent, beginner's tutorial to beaded jewelry making. Create a keepsake baby name bracelet with these clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs. Tips on beads that are safe to use, tools you will need and more. These types of bracelets sell for much more than they cost to learn to make your own!

Embellishing & Altering Baby Clothes

freezer stencil owl shirt
Freezer Paper Stencils
This is perhaps the most addictive craft ever. No really. You'll find yourself dreaming up freezer paper stencil possibilities as you go to sleep at night. Or maybe that is just me. Either way, if you haven't tried this yet or don't know what it is, this is a MUST read!

free applique pattern tree
Easy Felt Applique Baby Clothes Patterns
Have you made friends with felt yet? It is simply the easiest fabric to applique with since the edges don't fray. Anyone can do this! Complete instructions for felt applique.

Plus, here is my review of using a Silhouette machine to cut applique shapes in cotton.

baby clothes applique

Printed Fabric Applique
This project is so simple I can explain it in three steps: pick printed fabric, cut out shapes, applique on baby clothes. Done! Create boutique quality custom and unique baby shirts, hoodies and pants by creating "patches" out of printed fabric. So easy you'll run to the fabric store to pick out some cute prints!

baby clothes fabric spray paint

Fabric Spray Paint Contrast Trim
Fabric spray paint is new and what you can do with it is amazing! Turn plain clothes into colorful unique ones with a can of non-toxic fabric spray paint. This project shows how to add contrast trim to a plain white baby sleeper.


Pumpkin Applique Template
A free pumpkin template for you to print out and use for creating appliques for shirts and other baby clothes! These look really cute on the butt of a pair of baby pants too. Add a face to make a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern or leave as a plain pumpkin that is perfect all autumn long. Instructions and printable template.

elephant patch shirt
The Power of Patches
Hate sports but get a basketball baby onesie? Me too...several, actually. Cover it up with cute patches. The most simple, instant baby clothing makeover! Tips for sewing and iron-on methods, how to make your own and where to find them.

gocco baby shirt
Gocco Baby Shirts
Use a gocco machine to print professional quality screen prints of your own designs on baby shirts! Photo tutorial that explains how to use a print gocco on fabric. Once you see how easy this is and the amazing results you just might find a gocco on your crafty wishlist. Well worth it, in my opinion!

tie dye baby clothing
Tie Dye Baby Clothes
Learn how to tie dye baby clothing using this "cheaters" method using a non-toxic spray paint made especially for fabric! Traditional tie dyeing is fun too but this way is so fast it is hard to resist trying it out. The paint dries soft to the touch and doesn't need to be heat set. You just spray and let dry. Easy and fun!

dye baby clothes
How to Dye Baby Clothes
Learn how to dye baby clothes professionally with true, vibrant colors based on your fabric type. Transform a plain pack of onesies into a rainbow of unique colors. No more boring pastel pink and blue for baby, create anything you like!


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