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Baby Caden Natural Nursery

by Sarah
(Beaver Dam, WI)

We bought the natural pine crib and dresser from one of those "unfinished wood" places and then stained it ourselves using a non-toxic stain.

We don't have many toys yet, but have a silk mobile over the crib and have a few stuffed toys and a few wooden ones too.

Baby Caden is due in September!

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Aug 03, 2011
I am in love!!
by: AllyJ

I love unfinished wood and natural wooden furniture. I am soooo in love with this crib and I have been looking for something like this and can't find anything as beautiful as this piece. Where on earth did u find it? please help!!

Oct 04, 2010
natural? What is natural anyway and who cares?
by: Anonymous

I just got done looking at all these wonderful spaces, and unfortunately read some of the most stuck-up, snooty comments from 'holier than thous' aimed at those who entered whose room's did not fit the 'status quo' of waldorf world. For example, baby caden's room- a beautiful wood crib and dresser. Simple and beautiful. But for shame! It doesn't have the 'arch' to hang seasonal gnomes and branches from! Oh dear! The space isn't cluttered with blue haired faeries, crystals, and wooden sticks and bowls, dyed playsilks, or elves! Can I ask what in the world is 'natural' about some of the chaotic messes which have been posted (most of them top-rated)?
I am so tired of this 'elitist' attitude which 'crunchy', and especially 'waldorf inspired' parents have towards others. Most people are just trying to raise their kids the best they can, not an easy thing to do in this material world.

Jul 27, 2008
beautiful light
by: Rohini

I love the colors and the wonderful airy, bright feel. I'd say not having it stuffed with a lot of things is natural and peaceful in itself.

Jul 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

Pretty, but other than the wood crib, what is natural about it?

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