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Baby Birthday Party Ideas...Handmade!

Here are several baby birthday party ideas to help you start planning a celebration for your little one!

There are many reasons you may want to focus on handmade for a birthday celebration for your child. It is way more personalized and tailored to their interests for one thing. Does your toddler love elephants? Then by all means, elephant projects are in order! By doing things yourself you won't be stuck with the handful of "marketed to kids" themes based on whatever movie is out. You can have a unique party that truly celebrates your child.

It also is often cheaper, way more eco-friendly and just plain fun to create a party for a little one...especially if they can help out with the preparations. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Baby Birthday Party Ideas

castle baby bithday cake
Homemade Birthday Cakes
Some great ideas for homemade birthday cakes for baby's first birthday and beyond! Use any recipe you like and get some inspiration from these fun designs. Building a 3D cake is not hard once you see the different parts the cake is created from. With just a few pans and a cupcake or two you can create pretty much anything!

baby growth banner

Birthday Photo Pennant Banner
Begin a yearly tradition of adding your child's photo to a fabric pennant banner that you display each birthday. Over the years it will stretch all the way around your child's room and this is a unique way to celebrate the passage of years. Complete tutorial and a free pattern to download for sewing!

baby birthday party ideas

Homemade Pinata Instructions
Super easy homemade pinata instructions! Nothing like celebrating than letting kids hit something with a stick. Now remember, you don't have to do a candy pinata, a small toy pinata is fun too! Here are instructions and even homemade, eco-friendly pinata filler ideas for you.

baby footprints stone

Birthday Footprint Stepping Stone
Start a new birthday tradition and create a series of stepping stones using your baby's footprint over the years. Place them in a path in your garden and see how their little feet grew! This is another project that makes a great yearly birthday tradition and is a way to visually show growth.


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