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Free Baby Bib Patterns - One Piece Pocket Bib

Totally free baby bib patterns for you to print and sew your own pocket bib for your baby or toddler.

This unique baby bib design uses only one piece of fabric so it is a very quick to sew project! It is my ultimate functional, full-coverage mess catcher. If you are serving spaghetti, this is the one you'll want to use. This one fits size 12 months and up through toddler ages, perfect for when baby is really getting started self-feeding and is the messiest.

I like to use laminated cotton so it is completely waterproof, yet thin and comfortable for baby. Plus, most laminated cotton doesn't have any nasty off-gassing chemicals (BPA, phthalates) like vinyl does.

To clean your laminated cotton bib, simply hand wash and rinse off with a little warm, soapy water and hang dry.

Materials Needed:

  • 23" x 11" laminated cotton fabric
  • 2 yards double bias tape
  • hook & loop (Velcro) or snaps

Here is pocket baby bib pattern in PDF format for you to print.

It will print on 3 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. Make sure you are printing without margins. The instructions are not included in the PDF, they are written out on this page below.

Pocket Baby Bib Pattern Instructions:

baby bib patterns

First, print out the PDF and tape it all together as shown. You'll notice that you only will be using one piece of fabric! This is ideal because this way the "pocket" part is laminated on all sides and waterproof, no leaking and easy to clean. The only actual sewing involved is just putting on the bias tape around the edge and attaching either hook and loop or snaps.

free bib patterns laminated cotton for bibs

Above shows what laminated cotton looks like - shiny on one side and then regular wrong side of cotton on the other.

free bib pattern instructions free bib pattern tutorial

Fold up the pocket as shown and pin your double fold bias tape all the way around your bib. Do not put pins through your laminated cotton anywhere other than the edges that will be covered by bias tape, or you'll wind up with pin holes!

Many pocket baby bib patterns have you put bias tape along the top edge of the pocket but in this pattern you don't need to because it is one folded piece! All the food and drips go straight down onto this part so it is better to avoid the bias tape here as it stains and gets yucky really quickly. It can even get moldy. Ask me how I know this. This is the reason I designed this bib the way it is!

pocket baby bib patterns pocket baby bib patterns free

Sewing on double bias tape is pretty easy, you just pin all the way around and then sew. Try to sew on as close to the inner edge as possible. When you get to the very end, simply fold over the extra bias tape and sew down.

pocket bib toddler pattern make a baby bib

Now your trim is sewn on! Almost done, just need to add some hook & loop closure or a small snap. Place your hook & loop on where they'll need to be. The front of the left neck tab and the back of the right neck tab. Sew all the way around the outer edge of the hook and loop and you are done!!!

pocket bib patterns baby bib patterns printable

PS - below shows the scale of this bib shown on a 12 month old and a 4 year old! This is a full-coverage bib that is great for big, messy eaters. Serving tomato soup or spaghetti? This is the bib you'll want to use. My four year old is putting on his best "I don't wear bibs, Mama" face in that one. So funny.

12 months bib pattern toddler bib pattern

Enjoy & happy sewing! If you liked this tutorial, you might like one of my other free, printable baby bib patterns!

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