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Amanda's one and only Homemade Ring Sling

by Amanda Kunkel
(eagle river, AK, USA)

Me and my 14 month old kayleigh

Me and my 14 month old kayleigh

Did you make it from scratch?

I did make this from scratch. I went to Walmart and picked out my fabric. Its 100% cotton with no stretch to it. Im not quite sure what you would call the type of fabric.

Did you use a pattern?
Somewhat. I got it the dimensions off of but its a no sew one, so I didn't have to sew the rings in. So then if I decide I want to use different fabrics I can use the same rings and not have to buy a lot of them. I used brass metal rings from ace hardware for now. (I am ordering nylon ones for it the ones that are tested with baby carriers)

Did you run into any problems?
Only problem was finding the rings. Its hard when you get this idea and can do everything but one thing will take a week to get in. That made me upset. :)

Would you do anything differently next time?
Just get my rings in advance so then I'm not all excited with this new fabric and no slings.

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to do the same thing?
When you are at the store I would suggest taking the fabric and wrapping it like you would in a ring sling so then you know how much fabric you need. For me I did 2 yards, one foot. So 7 feet long and its 45 inches width. I left it 45 so then if Kayleigh falls asleep on my hip I can pull the excess over her head as a sun screen.

Why did you make or alter a carrier?
I love love love to carry my daughter. It makes me feel so close. She loves it also. I don't have to chase her around the store. She gets fussy in carts but not when I carry her. Its also really nice to know she is right there. Even with a hand on the cart or on her someone can sneak up and snatch her, but they cant when she is on me. She is safe and protected and I LOVES it.

Only 6 dollars for this wrap! Would have been less but I got 3 yards so I can make something pretty with the rest of it!!!

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Dec 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

what's the mesurments of the sling carrier?

May 13, 2008
Send me one
by: Brandi

I think that you should make and send me one down amanda. (yes I am her friend yall)

May 08, 2008
by: Anonymous

I truely Love your ring sling. Its great! Now I want to go make my own.

May 07, 2008
Nice job!
by: Anonymous

Nice job, mama, love the fabric you picked and seems like a simple method to make a ring sling.

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