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Alistair's Quilt

by Jessie Baird
(San Francisco, CA)

I made this quilt when my oldest friend (we met in preschool!) was pregnant with her first baby. I wanted to make a quilt that would look nice in their yellow and orange nursery, and would be gender neutral and modern. But at the same time, since it is a baby quilt, I wanted it to be cheerful and cozy!

To achieve that, I used flannel for the backing and as the main fabric on the front. I also pre-washed the fabrics and used cotton batting so that the shrinking of the batting would create a slightly puckered, soft feeling.

The design is my own and was inspired by the backing fabric, a striped flannel. The pieced strip on the front echoes the colors of the stripes in the flannel.

The quilt is machine pieced and quilted. I used wide masking tape placed on a diagonal on the quilt as a guideline for quilting. Then I stitched along the stripes on the back to add top-to-bottom lines of quilting as well. I like the fact that the vertical lines disappear into the stripes on the back, so that the quilting pattern looks slightly different on the front and back.

I hand bound the quilt with turquoise fabric with tiny white dots. Once Alistair was born I embroidered his name freehand in variegated orange/yellow floss on the bottom corner of the quilt.

This was my second quilting project. The first was also a baby quilt. The quilt measures about 42 inches by 34 inches. Normally I try very hard not to remember how long a craft project takes me. I'm afraid it would scare me off the next project! But I enjoyed working in this quilt, however long it took.

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by: Ally

I love the backing, but the top of the quilt looks drab. Hopefully it's just the lighting, but I couldn't imagine a dull, gray for a baby quilt!

Great eye for color & style!
by: Anonymous

I love the composition, the soft materials, it already feels cozy and broken-in, in a good way...but still bright and stylish! You definitely acheived your goals!

by: Artemes Jutz

I was just in Soho, and the craft movement is really gaining steam. This is a beautiful example of modern arts and craft. The stripes and grey have a practical contrast with the patterned upper portion.

This is gorgeous. I'm interested in purchasing (I'm in NYC). Where is this quilt located?

just right!
by: Anonymous

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm always looking for! I love the simple design. It's both sweet and sophisticated, and in excellent taste.

by: Anonymous

This is a great baby quilt. The style is clean and modern, but it still feels super-cozy. Perfect for baby!

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