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A Rose by Any Other Name...

by Lori Haigh
(Isanti, MN)

Plush and folded

Plush and folded

Plush and folded Laid out flat Flower close up Draped on a chair (with my assistant)

Please describe and tell us about your baby blanket.

I was motivated to make this baby blanket for a friend by incorporating things I learned from my own baby. I used very soft yarn that could be easily washed and dried, wide stitches so baby could breathe in case the blanket covered his/her face by accident, bright colors, and details baby would enjoy playing with. It seems most baby girl blankets are pinks and pastels. I wanted to steer away from this (although any color combination could be used). Also, I used a silky ribbon for the petals of the flowers because babies love playing with those soft tags. They love grasping the flower, too. The end result was a boutique styled blanket, that is very useful and textured for baby to enjoy.

What yarn and needles did you use and where did you get them? Why did you pick this yarn?

All products are from Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michael's:

-Lion Brand Homespun Yarn was used throughout the blanket. I used this yarn because I was very familiar with it, it is affordable, and it results in a soft, stretchy finished product. Also, no wool, so safe for sensitive baby skin. I like all of the color choices as well. I make my blankets with colors to coordinate the nursery.

-Susan Bates crochet hooks; 9.00 mm for the blanket, and 5.5 mm for the flowers.

-Susan Bates Yarn Needles for sewing the flowers and ribbon onto the blanket.

-Singer hand needle and any color-matched thread to sew satin leaves to flowers.

-The leaves of the flowers are a satin ribbon I already had on hand. Soft and good quality, and easy to find at any store that sells ribbon varieties.

Tell us more about your design. Was it inspired by another pattern? Why did you pick those colors?

My pattern is my own creation. I tend to enjoy creating my own patterns more than following others, but learned to crochet by following others, and still expand my craft by using patterns and instructions. Very simple, but unique. 60 double stitches wide, making it about 4 ft x 4 ft. The roses are 2 layers of simple crocheted flowers stitched together, with the ribbon folded underneath to make the "leaves". These are then all stitched to the blanket. To finish the blanket with edging I did single stitches up the sides and scalloped the top and bottom of the blanket.

I don't have photos, but I did the same blanket for a baby boy with navy and light blue, white, and yellow yarn, embellishing with stars and a crescent moon instead of flowers. Lots of creative versatility with this pattern!

Did you run into any problems when knitting your baby blanket? How long did it take you to knit?

No problems other than a curious toddler trying to help with the yarn! :o) I was done within a week, and that is while taking care of my now 2-year-old and 2 neighbor boys ages 3 and 6! I worked while watching tv and whenever I could squeeze in time.

Anything else you'd like to share about your baby blanket or knitting in general?

My friends that I have made this blanket for have adored it and used it! It is different from others, cute enough to display, and safe to use.

Knitting/crocheting is such a relaxing and fulfilling hobby! Easier to learn then one would think (I am actually self-taught), and a terrific creative outlet. I love that even when I am sitting on the couch watching tv, I am still being productive. Also, it feels so good to complete a project, small or large. It is a rewarding accomplishment. People LOVE getting handmade gifts as well!

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Feb 05, 2011
rose blanket
by: Anonymous

very cute!

Jan 24, 2011
Calista's Baby Blanket
by: Nicole Colbutn

Beautiful, Beautiful blanket that you made for Calista's arrival! I love it for all the reasoned you mentioned; soft, breathable, the flower and sating tag details etc. It is special because it was a homemade gift made with love! :)

Jan 22, 2011
Thank you
by: John Nyle Schuster

What a great Packers blanket you made for me for Christmas this year!! It's not only the thought, but the time (and love) you put into it. By far the best present I got this year. You are very talented Lori.

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