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A Blanket for Roen

by Sarah Rausch
(Columbus, OH)

So Happy To Be Done and Pleased with the Result!

So Happy To Be Done and Pleased with the Result!

So Happy To Be Done and Pleased with the Result! All Finished and Ready to be Shipped Roen in His Blanket

Please describe and tell us about your baby blanket.

I knitted this blanket last spring and summer for my friend, Carissa, who lives in Colorado. In college, she and I completed a four-some of girls who were best friends. Carissa was the first to get married and the first to have a baby, so I knew I had to do something special for her to welcome this little one.

What yarn and needles did you use and where did you get them? Why did you pick this yarn?
I used size nine circular needles, purchased from A.C. Moore or Michaels and was blessed to discover an amazing sale on the the perfect yarn at A.C. Moore. When I began this project, Carissa didn't know yet if the baby was a boy or a girl, so I wanted to choose a more neutral color that would be good for a boy or girl and would enable the blanket to continue to be used down the road when, perhaps, another baby came along! The yarn is a mix of 25% Merino Wool and 75% Microdenier Acrylic, making it very soft and beautiful - perfect for a baby. When I purchased the yarns, I chose two colors, a light green and a warm gray, but decided to stick just with the gray as I thought it would work best for this pattern to be all one color.

Tell us more about your design. Was it inspired by another pattern? Why did you pick those colors?
The pattern was based out of Debbie Bliss's book "Essential Baby." I adjusted the "Lacy Shawl" pattern by increasing the needle size from threes to a circular needle size of nine. As a result, I carefully reduced the number of stitches in each row so as to still come out even with the lace pattern, but also make it a good size for a little baby. I was very happy with the color, as it is more of a natural color and appropriate for either a girl or a boy. At first, I thought I would make the lacy trim light green, but I decided one color would probably work best for this pattern.

Did you run into any problems when knitting your baby blanket? How long did it take you to knit?
This was the first pattern that I had attempted that was very lacy, so it took me a couple re-starts to figure out all the yarn-overs and k2tog. After the pattern began to emerge, however, the task became much easier as I now had a good handle on what the pattern was to look like. I knitted this blanket over many hours during the months of April through July of 2010. I would take breaks from knitting the body of the blanket to knitting the trim to keep me motivated and continually interested, as this was quite an extensive project!

Anything else you'd like to share about your baby blanket or knitting in general?
After all the hours and frustrations put into this blanket, I was so pleased with the result and so excited to send it off in the mail to Carissa as she and her husband anticipated the arrival of their little one.

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