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Make Baby Stuff Newsletter, Issue #006 -- Natural Nursery Contest
July 13, 2008

This monthly newsletter is brought to you from the Make Baby Stuff website. Each issue brings you up to date with new crafty happenings, contests, instructions, reader questions, more tips and our featured crafty artist of the month! It is your kick in the pants to get crafty!

Stuff in This Issue

  • What's New at Make Baby Stuff - New Articles & Another CONTEST!
  • Meet the Crafty Mama - Jesse Ruth Tymich, Luxe Baby Diapers
  • Meet our contest sponsors, the Natural Kids Etsy Team


Our biggest news is that we're having a Natural Nursery & Playroom Contest and this time we have loads of amazing PRIZES sponsored by the Natural Kids Etsy team! Many families are starting to choose natural materials for baby products, from everything from cloth diapers to wooden toys and that is what this contest is all about. We want to show off how beautiful natural is in a nursery or playspace so submit your photos and entry! We're looking for wool, cotton, wood, bamboo, silk, etc. Remember, if your space is not 100% natural (some plastic toys, etc) that is OKAY, you are still eligible... submit a photo and tell us about your space. Go here to enter and to check out other entries!

New Tutorials

We've added a Baby Headband Tutorial which is a quick sewing project great for scrap fabric.

Cover your walls with a blown up image practically for free using these cheap nursery wall art instructions.

Give damaged picture books a new life with this Stickers From Children's Books project.

Curious about soft sculpture dollmaking? Check out this Waldorf Doll Sewing pattern review to see if it looks like something you might enjoy.

Check our Newest Tutorials Page for More New Articles! Our newest tutorials page lists all the newest projects as soon as they go live on the site! Never miss a new tutorial by simply checking this page.

Meet the Crafty Mama

jesse luxe Who: Jesse Ruth Tymich of Luxe Baby Diapers lives in the Canadian rainforest (aka - British Columbia) and has been in business for five years. She lives with her six year old son, Colton and a frog named Splasher. She has a crafty past of creating mohair artist teddy bears and still would like to sew some up...if only she could find the time!

luxe diapers pinkIf you are in the cloth diaper world you will have already heard of her line. If you are lucky enough to nab a diaper when she stocks (believe me, she has avid collectors and therefore they can be hard to come by) you too will be converted. Lovely colors, designs and top notch materials make her diapers stand out. To you skeptics out there, no these are not just diapers, they are works of art!

What led up to starting Luxe Baby Diapers? I was a single mother and I desperately wanted to stay at home with my baby son.

luxe pullonsHow has your line evolved from the beginning? My products have all changed since the beginning. I actually offered raw silk fabric lined inside my diapers. Now my favorite diaper fabric is organic bamboo. I don’t regret anything I designed. Its good to try new things and be different.

How do you measure success and have you reached it? This sounds corny but success is spending time with my son at home.

luxe diapersWhy diapers? I fell in love with cloth diapers! I still love them.

What is your favorite part of your creative process from idea to sale? Designing the pattern is so exhilarating and I’m addicted to dying wool. I have so many lovely customers send me adorable photos of their children in my outfits!

When do you find time to create? I constantly amaze myself. I am fairly organized and I seem to squeeze in time for everything.

How do you balance business and family? Family comes first of course! I sew a lot at night when my son is sleeping. I have an extraordinary team set up for Luxe right now. I have one part-time seamstress sewing for me. I have one amazing assistant. Carrie comes into The house once a week and get me organized. She is packaging and learning more each week.

jessie and assistantAny other creative pursuits you enjoy? I have big creative plans for everything! Lack of time keeps me from pursuing them. I would love to paint a mural on every wall in the house.

What are your future plans for your business? My future plans are to keep the business as small as possible. I am passionate about small business, work at home mothering, support local business, recycle, re-use and hug trees! I plan to be involved with premature baby items for the hospital in the future. I also am working on starting a second business at some point.

If you were a symbol, what would it be and why? The recycle symbol. A dove is a close tie!

Thanks Jesse! Visit her website at Luxe Baby Diapers and buy handmade!

Do you make baby stuff? Want to be featured in our monthly newsletter? Please Contact Us and show us your stuff!

Meet our Contest Sponsors from the Natural Kids Etsy Team!

Several artisans from the Natural Kids Etsy Team banded together to sponsor our Natural Nursery & Playroom Contest with their lovely work...all made of natural materials of course. In fact, that is what the Natural Kids team is all about! Please check out their shops and buy handmade! You can search through all the members of the team by searching "naturalkids team" on Etsy or by clicking here where the search field has been filled out for you.

bunnyPin Pon - Handsewn soft toys.
wool felt ballhaddy2dogs - Felted wool sculptures and toys.
German Dolls - Handmade cloth dolls and doll clothes made in the Waldorf tradition.
”woodmouse" Woodmouse Loves Wood - Handmade wooden toys and figures.
”waldorf Aunt Boos Babies - Waldorf inspired dolls.
”waldorfPrism Kids - Handmade dolls in every color of the rainbow.
”wool Nushkie Design - Felted wool tapestries and sculptures.
bunnyBirchleaf Designs - Natural wood and fabric playthings.
”waldorfToys From Nature - Waldorf dolls and toys inspired by nature.
unwaveringNature's Enchantment - Toys and gifts made from natural materials.
”redWool Comes Alive - Felted wool dolls, animals and accessories.
”napkins"WeeBeaks - Handmade bibs, blankets, napkins and more for your children and you.
”woolWoolCreations - Wool creations and waldorf dolls.
wool babyevesartrocks - Felted wool sculptures and crocheted hats.
”waldorfThe Fairies' Nest - Handmade cloth fairies, mermaids and other folk.
”napkins"Lovealittle - Craft kits, waldorf dolls and other handmade items.
birdie"The Singing Bird - Wee wool bird sculptures.
”hat"Shelley's Natural Fiber Hats - Handknitted hats for children, in the waldorf tradition.

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