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Make Baby Stuff Newsletter, Issue #019 -- Knit Blanket Contest
January 05, 2011

This monthly newsletter is brought to you from the Make Baby Stuff website. It is your kick in the pants to get crafty!

Knit Baby Blanket Contest - Sponsored by Knit Picks!

A knitting baby blanket contest! This time you could win a $100, $50 or a $25 gift certificate from Knit Picks!

Enter the contest right here!

Wait a sec, another knitting contest? Yes. I just couldn't help it. Hand knit baby blankets are just too wonderful not to be shared, especially in January, don't you think? And imagine how cozy you'd feel if you were one of the lucky winners! Needles, yarn and books...oh my!

Get to Know Knit Picks:

Let me introduce you to Knit Picks, our wonderful sponsor for this contest. I sent them a few questions so we could get to know the folks behind this company:

How did Knit Picks start?

Our company got its start in 2002 by accomplished knitter and spinner, Kelley Petkun, and her engineer husband, Bob. We are a company run by a community of people who love to knit. Each person on our staff enjoys the craft and many of us talk frequently about the pieces we are working on via our staff blog, Stash and on Twitter @KnitPicks. As part of the knitting community, we strive to be the online version of your local yarn store. Through our blog, tutorials, Twitter, Ravelry and Facebook accounts, we are committed to answering any questions you have and collaborating with our fellow knitters.

woodland winter mittens

Are there knitting projects going on during lunch at Knit Picks?

Yes! There are knitting projects going on all the time at Knit Picks. As I said before, we all love to knit and everyone here helps each other out with projects, new kits, and so forth. One of the favorite projects that we are working on right now is the Woodlands Winter Mitten Kit.

The Palette yarn is so soft and the six different mittens that the kit includes are really fun!

Capra yarnIs there a staff favorite yarn right now?

Our staff favorite right now is the Capra yarn.

It is so soft and comes in a great variety of beautiful colors. The yarn is a blend of merino wool and cashmere and because it comes in a DK weight, it is really easy to knit with and amazing to wear!

Harmony needles What is your biggest seller? Why do you think that is?

Our biggest sellers right now are our knitting books and our Harmony needles. Our knitting books are selling well currently because they are 40% off but the Harmony needles are a consistent chart topper.

Not only do our needles have extremely sharp tips, flexible cables and smooth joints, they are some of the most affordable needles available. For the price and quality, you really can't beat them.

About Knit Picks: Knit Picks is an online shopping and educational resource for people who knit, crochet, spin and more. We offer a multitude of quality yarns, needles, and other tools, all at reasonable prices. In addition, we do our best to provide a great variety of tutorials for people just starting out, or people who just want to brush up on some new skills. We love our followers, fans and friends and we are greatly appreciative to them for all of their support.

Meet Our Judges!

We've got four amazingly talented judges lined up to do the difficult job of picking winners. You think being a judge would be fun, right? Well, it is but it is also tough, believe me. Anyway, I picked these four (and they all said yes!) because I thought you all should know about them if you don't already:

crafty crowCassi from The Crafty Crow has created an absolute treasure trove of kid's crafts. If you have little ones you absolutely must be aware of her blog, it is non-stop inspiration for projects you can do with kids.

pixie purlsBrandi from Pixie Purls specializes in knitting patterns just for wee ones. And oh, so adorable they are! Hats and shirts and tunics and cardigans all for the tiny ones. She even offers a couple adorable doll sweater pattern freebies.

roth Bernadette is from Rhythm of the Home, which is a lovely online magazine that focuses on seasonal celebrations, a return of the creative self, and a deeper understanding of the joys of child rearing.

strocel Amber is from, where she blogs about parenting with honesty and humor...and you can't help but like her. She is the founder of Crafting My Life, an online course for moms about living with intention and finding your bliss. I'll be there.

Meet the Crafty Mama: Michelle

Michelle BabusTo start off the new year (and to continue with this knitting theme we've got going on) we have this thoughtful interview with Michelle who makes incredible wool felted toys at Babus Toys.

When my eldest was a baby he had one of those plastic chains that linked together but I always sort of hated it. What can I say, I'm a plastic toy hater, especially for toys that are being chewed on. Once my youngest son entered the world I had replaced the plastic chain with a natural wool chain from Babus!

You can read the interview right here. Thanks, Michelle!

Are you a crafty mama? To be considered, fill out our Crafty Mama Submission Form and show your stuff!

Happy New Year!

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