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Make Baby Stuff Newsletter, Issue #007 -- You Pick Our Next Contest
August 17, 2008

This monthly newsletter is brought to you from the Make Baby Stuff website. Each issue brings you up to date with new crafty happenings, contests, instructions, reader questions, more tips and our featured crafty artist of the month! It is your kick in the pants to get crafty!

Stuff in This Issue

  • What's New at Make Baby Stuff - New Articles
  • We want to hear YOUR contest requests!
  • Meet the Crafty Mama - Marcie Macari, Bloomin' Belly Soaps
  • Winners of the Natural Nursery & Playroom Contest!

New Tutorials

Doll Cradle: - We've added a Wooden Doll Cradle Plans which is yet another non-woodworkers woodworking project. Yes, you CAN make this cradle, it is that easy! You only need five pieces of wood that you can have cut before you leave the lumberyard...which means all you have to do when you get home is put it together!

Wet Bag: - Sew this super easy wet bag which is handy for dirty clothes, diapers and especially wet clothes from beach or pool trips. It is unbelievably hot in our area...hope you are staying cool this August!

Baby Food Jars: - Recycle your baby food jars and turn them into beautiful snow globes with this Baby Food Jar Snow Globe project.

More contests coming soon! If you have an idea for a baby crafting related contest you'd like to see please Contact Me and tell me your idea, I'm always open to suggestions! Our last two contests have been very specific, perhaps something more broad so more people can participate? What contest would you enter? With just over 1000 newsletter subscribers now (YAY!) I'm looking forward to hearing what many of you have to say!

Check our Newest Tutorials Page for More New Articles! Our newest tutorials page lists all the newest projects as soon as they go live on the site! Never miss a new tutorial by simply checking this page.

Meet the Crafty Mama

Marcie Bloomin Belly Who: Marcie Macari launched Bloomin' Belly Soaps (her first product venture) less than two years ago but she is no newbie to being in business for herself. This ultra-talented mama is fiercely supportive of women, mothers and feminism and it shows in every successful venture she embarks on. She is funny, charming and her enthusiasm about what she does is contagious.

While her soaps don't fall into our usual "baby stuff" category, many of our readers are currently pregnant (or hoping to become pregnant...or know pregnant folks) and these soaps are just too amazing. I love the product, the scents and I love her agenda behind it all.

What lead up to starting Bloomin' Belly Soaps?

bloomin belly soapsIím the author of the book: She Births: A Modern Womanís Guidebook For an Ancient Rite of Passage. Itís a book which helps women prepare for the NON-physical aspects of Birth. While working with pregnant clients I heard nearly every day how much they didnít like their changing bodies. They were unhappy with their roundness and their new ďcleavageĒ, and I thought this was really sad. I wanted to help women understand how really lovely they were during pregnancy. I started trying to think of a product that could be pro-body, pro-woman, and would challenge the desexualized pregnant form we see in the mainstream media-and it HAD to make women smile!

One night (Iím NOT kidding!) I had a dream about these gorgeous, very detailed, pregnant art soaps and I was smitten. I started looking for a mold, but no mold maker made it-they wouldnít even create it for me, because there were (GASP!) NIPPLES ON a PREGNANT BODY! (What anatomy class did THEY take!?) I found it interesting that all the custom mold makers which refused my request, DID offer molds of female breasts, and penis lollipop moldsÖbut they refused to make this anatomically correct pregnant form! I wonít even get into the social implications of THAT! In any case, after a couple weeks of work I was able to make my own mold-a year and a half later, our Mamas in Bloom come in 3 sizes, and the rest is HerStory!

bloomin belly soaps Why soap and why the pregnant mama image?

I thought soap that was vegan, SLS-free, and only scented with essential oils would be a nice pampering product for expectant moms, and I donít know a single mother to be who has opened her soap and didnít smile. When they see soap that looks just like they do, and they smile, itís a subconscious message that pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL!

Now that your business is established, what is your favorite aspect of running it?

I have two: I LOVE creating product. I especially like making custom products for people with issues like PUPPPís, Eczema, and etc. It makes me happy to help others, and I love the creative process so much! I also love the Birth Advocacy part of what I do!

bloomin belly soapsHow do you find the time to balance business, family and personal time?

Both my husband and I work from home, so we are constantly seeking that balance.

Any other creative pursuits you enjoy?

Modern Glass Mosaic Art, Photography, Writing, (Iím working on a second book!), and so many others.

Any future business plans?

bloomin belly soapsWell, Iím in the middle of launching two exciting ventures. The first one is a two part one: Bloomin' Cosmetics and Bloomin' Body. The request for non-pregnancy items like our sunscreen, bug repellent, Organic Kids Foaming Handsoap and custom-cosmetics was so great that I decided to rename the company Bloominí Cosmetics, and have Bloominí Belly Soaps as our Pregnancy line, and Bloominí Body as our non-pregnancy line.

The second part is something Iím really excited about! I havenít told anyone yet, so this is a sneak peek! (Drum Roll please!) Iím launching a Natural and WAHM Product Review & Resources site where Iíll be doing real reviews of natural living and attachment parenting products, and specializing in WAHM items! Iíll be offering affordable advertising, honest reviews, and low-cost mentorship for women who are serious about running their business. Itís a huge undertaking, but Iím passionate about helping other Moms succeed in their vision. I have such a heart for women who want to work from home, and many need just a little guidance to find their way. Since Iíve been where most of them are going (at least once! LOL), I have lots of strategies and resources to help them attain their goals. I am also a believer in the law of attraction, and use that in my mentorship a lot. Women are extremely creative and capable, and I love offering consulting services to them. Iíve found that itís hard to find consultant services designed for the needs and in the ďlanguageĒ of women, and in particular those women who are working from home. I find many programs treat WAH businesses as sub-par to those outside the home, donít take them seriously, or speak in language and deal with issues that donít apply to At Home Business. Iím so excited to offer this service!

If you were one of your Mamas in Bloom soaps, which one would it be and why?

Oooh, good question! I think Iíd like to be the Niaouli and Lime because she has such a fresh and exotic ďwayĒ about her, and sheís completely unique-with a subtle strength about her.

Special Offer to readers! With the launching of The WAHM Product Review site Marcie is offering two special offers to readers:
  • WAHM Natural Product Reviews for 1/2 off! If you are a work at home mom and sell products that suit a natural family, $5 plus one sample of your product will give you a well-written review that you can post anywhere online and all interviews will include a link to your website.
  • FREE 20 minute consultation with anyone interested in mentorship/business consultant services with Marcie. During the interview Marcie will give a quick review of your site and other tips and suggestions to help you reach your personal and business goals.
(Offer ends October 10th, 2008, for more information and to sign up, please Contact Marcie through her website.)

Thanks Marcie! Visit her soap website at Bloomin' Belly Soaps and buy handmade!

Do you make baby stuff? Want to be featured in our monthly newsletter? Please Contact Us and show us your stuff for consideration!

Natural Nursery & Playroom Contest Winners!

What a lovely and inspiring bunch of entries we had...32 in all!

And the winners are...

Go here to check out all the entries and to view a slideshow gallery of some of the photos!

Congrats to all the winners and a big thanks to everyone who entered and an even bigger thanks to our sponsors! Please check out their shops and buy handmade! You can search through all the members of the Natural Kids Etsy team by searching "naturalkids team" on Etsy or by clicking here where the search field has already been filled out for you.

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As our site and community grows, I hope that you drop me a line and tell me what crafty baby stuff you are up to! Did you make something that was inspired by something on our site? Pretty please play "show and tell" with the rest of us! Often, having an audience for your crafting is just a kick in the pants that you need to get working.

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